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Below is an incomplete listing of Jarrod's work, most of which is available to read online.

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Print Zines / Chapbooks / Books (updated 10/24/16)

Satan Was So Over It 
illustrated by Nate McDonough
16pp, Grixly, 2013

It's A Tough Economy!
illustrated by Nate McDonough
100pp, Grixly, 2014

illustrated by Nate McDonough
16pp, Grixly, 2014
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Twilight Reflections on an Ethically Raised Life
illustrated by Nate McDonough
20 pp, Grixly, 2015
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I Gave You the Gowanus!
30 pp, Death Panel Press, 2015
buy online

Death Panel Literary Digest, Issues I - IV
Death Panel Press, 2009-11
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Shh... It's A Secret
16pp, Death Panel Press, 2011
out of print, read here

Hard Crackers, Issue I
60pp, 2016
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Hard Crackers, Issue II
64pp, 2016
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"Cruelty Free in a Cruel World"
featured in Marmalade Umlaut #34, 2016
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"The Marriage of Maria Braun, Sequel to Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS"
featured in Morbid Tales: An Anthology of Short Fiction
Death Wound Publishing, 2016
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Read Online (updated 9/8/16)

Insurgent Notes, 2016

Hard Crackers Issue I, 2016

Vote NO on the Two-Tier System!
CUNY Struggle, 2016

CUNY Struggle, 2016

Art Handler Magazine, 2016

On The Frontier
Keep this Bag Away From Children, 2013

I Can Do Such Things Right Now!!1 
published in Death Panel Literary Digest IV, 2011

I am the 99%
read at Death Panel Reading Series @ Occupy Wall Street Peoples' Library, Zucotti Park NYC, 11/8/11

The Chomsky Foucault Chess Match 
Jarrod Blog exclusive, 2010

Do I Love You? (Now That You Can Dance) 
Jarrod Blog exclusive, 2012

"First Feast, Last Feast: The Temporal Being and Non-Being of Language in Dan Beakey's 'The Cave'", by Jacques Derrida (really by me)
published in Death Panel Literary Digest III, 2011

120 Days of Grey (a literary mashup of EL James and the Marquis de Sade)
Fanfiction.net, 2012

The Roots of American Yoga in the Bhagavad Gita 
Jarrod Blog Exclusive, 2013

I Punched My Boss in the Face
- in Portugese 
in German 
Vice, 2013

Fast Food Workers Fight for $15 an Hour
Vice, 2013

Kimani Gray and Two Weeks of Struggle in Flatbush Brooklyn
Vice, 2013

My Unobjective Journalism on Kimani Gray
Jarrod Blog exclusive, 2013

Let's Apocalypse! A Discussion with the Anti-Banality Union
Vice, 2013

Imagining Justin Bieber's Horrifying Future Parties
Vice, 2012

Terrence Malick's Crisis of Faith
Vice, 2013

Michael Haneke's Everyday Horror
Vice, 2013

We Asked Dumpster Divers About a Plan to Sell Expired Food
Vice, 2013

Bodybuilders Can't Lift a Finger
Vice, 2012

Don't Hate the Player, Hate the Game
Vice, 2012

What I Leave Out: Confessions of a Resume Liar
Vice, 2013

I Want To Believe
The New Inquiry, 2013

It Ain't Easy Peeing Clean (not my title)
Gothamist, 2013

My Hair is Fortified
published in Death Panel Literary Digest III, 2011

Death Panel Reading Series Has Been Recommended For You
read at Death Panel Reading Series @ Cage Gallery in Chinatown, 3/13/12

The End (Closing Remarks)
read at Death Panel Reading Series @ Cage Gallery in Chinatown, 4/10/12

I Believe in Miracles
Trumbull Island, 2010

The Secret Ingredient
published in Death Panel Literary Digest I, 2009

Political Writing (added 9/16/16, about this section)


Ferguson and the Unfolding Rebellion in the United States
Unity and Struggle, 2014

Vital Signs Workplace Newsletter, Issues 1 and 2
2013-14, Florence Johnston Collective


When Do We SNAP?: Against Cuts, Low Wages, and Food Stamp Discipline
Florence Johnston Collective, 2013

Book Review: Lines of Work
Libcom, 2014

Our Friends with Benefits: On the Union Question
Libcom, 2013

Against Transparency
Libcom, 2012

A Moving Story
Libcom, 2012

Silencing America's Radical History
Libcom, 2013

Chicago's SEIU Arrest and the Story of a Stock Photo
Unity and Struggle, 2014

Loot Back: From Whom?
Communists in Situ, 2014

The Old Mole Breaks Concrete
Unity and Struggle, 2014

A Quick Trip to the Clinic
Florence Johnston Collective, 2015

Multimedia (updated 8/1/16)

Satan Was So Over It
video of multimedia performance @ Cyberpunk Apocalypse in Pittsburgh, 2013

Jarrod's Voting No!
CUNY Struggle, 2016

First Feast, Last Feast: The Temporal Being and Non-Being of Language in Dan Beakey's "The Cave", by Jacques Derrida
video of reading @ The Base in Brooklyn, 2014

The Hunger Games and Revolution
audio of symposium discussion @ The Commons BK, 2014